We will help to identify the potential hazards of running your business, provide professional guidance to warn and navigate you around these obstacles, offer alternative routes to deal with the deterrents, while always focusing a keen eye toward minimizing the cost of protection. 

Anticipating the Loss... Planning the Response...

insurance integration

With all other risk transfer techniques exhausted the final step is to evaluate the various exposures to loss that a client faces and introduces the available, and reasonable non insurance risk transfer techniques we introducer insurance products to fill in the “insurable” gaps.

The placement of insurance is at the clients pleasure, Our job is to develop insurance specification that suit the clients particular need. With our comprehensive analysis and risk management techniques in hand we provide a package to potential carriers through brokers and direct writing insurance companies that demonstrate the expert level of risk understanding and measures in place to reduce prevent loss. This information is used by the underwriters in applying credits reducing premiums based o\n the clients efforts.

Because we provide an unbiased opinion and independent recommendations, we are not influenced by carrier volume requirements and profit sharing agreements that often influence the quality and content of the service provided to your firm. The potential gain or loss of commission income never enters into our evaluation and decision-making process, thereby eliminating any potential conflict of interest.

Our services allow for total flexibility in meeting your insurance needs and insurance budget. Our business model allows for engagement on a per-project basis or for assistance in the implementation and ongoing management of your company’s entire insurance program.

Regardless of the size of your company, we can help you get the right coverage at the right price. Call or e-mail us today to discuss your situation and receive our preliminary suggestions at no obligation.

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